Besides exploring Changi Airport and the Orchard/downtown area, we had local friends dictate this trip's entire itinerary.
A carefully curated list of all the learning materials we have used to assist our children - and ourselves - in Mandarin language learning.
A running list of familiar favorite nursery rhymes in Cantonese & Mandarin
Try this at home, or in a controlled environment.
Our experience with these two dialects and how they compare (so Asian, we know)
[各人]自扫门前雪, 莫管他人瓦上霜 [gèrén]zìsǎo ménqián xuě, mòguǎn tārén wǎshàng shuāng
Not planning to post routinely here, but do want to remember the (sometimes subtle) Chinese language learning moments w/ my hapas, so I can look back…
Jump-Starting 2021 With a Kid-Friendly and Covid-Safe “Chinese” New Year Tradition